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13 April 2021
YOYO MultiDrops

YOYO MultiDrops rode to the rescue of a damsel in distress recently. Chairman, Paul Williams was involved with the damage created by Storm Christoph in February in his local village in Cheshire on the banks of the River Weaver.

Homes were flooded, cars abandoned and boats destroyed in Acton Bridge and Weaverham. Around 30 homes were affected by freezing, muddy and oily water where a number of residents had to be evacuated.

Paul, who is also a Borough Councillor at Cheshire West and Chester Council, said; “People were wet, frightened and cold, with snow on the ground and didn’t know what to do. There was no one else there. We had to trample through six inches of deep, black, greasy silt smelling of diesel.”

He said; “It has been a tragic sight, seeing salvage teams pull out piles of sodden furniture and personal belongings. To see people wade over two foot high piles of books and photo albums covered in mud is absolutely heart-breaking, their lives, all their memories gone.”

Paul continued. “One particular resident could not get any flood insurance cover for her house and has been totally wiped out, losing all furniture and possessions to the tune of about £30k.”

But then the support arrived. When other personnel at YOYO MultiDrops heard these stories, they wanted to help.

Iain Simons, Managing Director takes up the story; “Contacts at a London PR company with an American client became aware of the plight of flood victims and donated all the furniture and fittings used at a photo shoot in Manchester, to support the residents in Acton Bridge and Weaverham near Northwich. This was fantastic, but the problem was getting everything – including fragile items – to Northwich. This was where YOYO MultiDrops came in. We were able to pick it all up and take it directly to where it was needed.”

(Paula Williams, Paul’s wife, with Iain Simons, Managing Director of YOYO MultiDrops Ltd, picking up the donated furniture and fittings from Manchester for flood victims over 20 miles away.)

YOYO MultiDrops has a number of vans fitted with its new system for light commercial vehicles that allows the body to detach from the chassis.  The van body can be loaded at ground level allowing the ‘drop and swap’ of loads quickly.

Iain Simons; “We were able to arrange the use of our vehicle and the pick up and drop off of everything we had been given in double quick time.”

YOYO MultiDrops Chairman, Paul Williams said; “I know that the residents badly affected by the flooding are overwhelmed and have asked me to pass on grateful thanks for everything everyone has done. In particular, they want to thank the support and emergency services, local councillors, YOYO MultiDrops, Moy Photography, Checkland Kindleysides  and their US client, Heartland Dental for this act of generosity. Every single act makes up a big community of support. Thank you.”

Photos courtesy of Jerry Marshall

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