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13 April 2021
YOYO MultiDrops

The YOYO MultiDrops™

Interchangeable Load System

Last Mile Deliveries Shave 18% Off In-Town Delivery Times

The ‘Drop and Swap’ concept of YOYO MultiDrops is perfect for supermarkets and goods transporters who have fast turnaround times. 


Bodies can be unloaded at floor level later, while the cab returns immediately to the warehouse with waste products like packaging.  


As Jimmy Morar of Premier Convenience Store says; “YOYO MultiDrops has come up with a concept that stops breaking my back with the ground level loading and unloading, it’s definitely a key feature for a business like ours. Businesses will benefit where there is a lot of loading and unloading.”   

The Green Alternative 

Many business are considering the migration to electric vehicles but are reluctant because of the cost, not just in the cab but the body too.


YOYO MultiDrops allows investment in a new body which can be interchanged with existing petrol or diesel cabs and when the time is right, migrated to new electric vehicles.


Prices for new vehicles have increased dramatically over the last 12 months. “The price of the average used delivery van has risen by 20% to £15,482, according to Auto Trader.”

All the more reason to look at YOYO MultiDrops.

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