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13 April 2021
YOYO MultiDrops

The YOYO MultiDrops™️ system is an all electric, unique and innovative, interchangeable body system, which can be installed on any 3.5t and electric 4.25t cab.

The YOYO system consists of two main components

1. The Chassis Frame

The Chassis Frame is simply bolted to the chassis of the host vehicle. This contains all the controls and loading mechanism, only requiring a 12v power connection.

2. The Load Frame

The Load Frame is designed to accommodate a 4.2m long body that can be loaded onto any vehicle with the YOYO Chassis Frame.
With the YOYO MultiDrops™ system fitted, the vehicle is deemed to be complete. The YOYO-equipped body, appropriately loaded, is considered to be the ‘payload’, so further type approval is not required, freeing the converter from the expense of approval schemes or the delay of an IVA. 

Design and Development

The system has been developed and tested over a four year period to prove the design, engineering, durability and safety of the system.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used throughout the design process
  • Conforms to British and EU standards/directives
  • All components are CE marked and meet design and operational criteria set by British and EU standards & all suppliers are ISO 9001 accredited
  • System review and testing has been undertaken by Horiba MIRA & Millbrook
  • Fabrication is done by accredited coded welders, completed assemblies are inspected and tested
  • Modular sealed “Plug and Play” systems for ease of maintenance and servicing
  • 1.5t Lifting capacity
  • Powder coated, environmental and corrosion resistant

How Does it Work?

The system is controlled via a simple two button handset; the operator can mount or demount a payload of up to 1.5t in as little as 80 seconds, in a smooth, controlled action. The system is self-monitoring to ensure safe operation, leaving users free to observe their surroundings for potential hazards.

YOYO System in More Detail

The design of the YOYO system has taken into account over 60 British, European and international ISO standards plus a number of directives and has been tested in the field over the last 2 years.

The system can be broken down into three areas; structural/drive gearbox components, electronics and software. Each area has been designed to achieve pre-set criteria, whilst meeting identified directives and British/European/international standards. The system has been subject to an independent legislation review by Horiba MIRA and a range of tests by a selection of notified bodies.

The two main structural components, namely the chassis frame and load frame, have been designed to withstand a number of forces that the system is expected to experience in the field, whilst complying with both LCV manufacturers’ guidelines and VCA regulations (Construction and Use Regulations 1986 & Road Traffic Act 1988).

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Fabrication of the frames is carried out by coded welders; the frames are then MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) tested to ensure weld integrity prior to coating. For durability, the system is powder coated with Architectural Polyester (BS EN 12206-1 & BS EN 13438).

The system is rated to lift a maximum of 1.5 tonnes but is tested to a factor of 1.2 in accordance with BS EN 14492-1&2.

Lifting cables are 25% stronger than standard commercial cables; the galvanised steel cable is built in accordance with military specification MIL 83420, with a safety factor of 5 :1. Cables are pre-stressed and anti-whip for additional safety.

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Areas shown in red can be drilled for mounting the body/platform.

Load Frame Specs:

Dimensions (maximum permitted dimensions)

Width (mm) – 2150
Length (mm) – 4200
height (mm) – 3300

Chassis Frame Specs:
WB Lenght (min, max) – 3400mm > 4100mm
WB Width (min, max) – 900mm > 1350mm
Height (from chassis) – 155mm
Power (from 12v) – 24v & 240v
Lifting Cables – US Mil Spec 83420, SF 5:1
Lowering Cable – Exerflex Pro, SF 5:1

The YOYO system gives an LCV the ability to demount the body to the ground and pick up another load, all in the space of a couple of minutes.

Operational efficiency is a top priority for fleet operators. They require quick turnaround to ensure vehicles are in use rather than being stuck in depots. Parked vehicles are not efficient and don’t make money!

We’ve calculated that over 3 years, investment in the system with 3 loadframes – which could be three different types – can save over £120,000 compared with the cost of buying and operating three different vehicles.

We already have interest from a number of LCV manufacturers, end users, converters and main dealers.

Derek Bowes

Sales Director, YOYO MultiDrops™️

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