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13 April 2021
YOYO MultiDrops

Load any body onto any chassis

Fit a YOYO MultiDrops™ chassis frame to base van chassis

Fit a YOYO MultiDrops™ load frame to each of your required bodies

Your YOYO equipped body can now be loaded

Fleet Operators will benefit from…

Increase Your Operational efficiency

With YOYO MultiDrops™ on board, you can increase your operational efficiency. Interchangeable bodies makes your vehicles multi-purpose, keeping them on the road and boosting utilisation.

The ability to load and demount laden bodies, reduces driver load risks and boosts turnaround time. It also maximises per-shift drive time.

A YOYO MultiDrops™-equipped body lasts at least two vehicle chassis cycles, so you maximise your capital investment, in vehicle chassis and bespoke bodies and fit-outs.


Increase Vehicle Utilisation

Gone are the days you’re saddled with single purpose vehicles sitting idle waiting to be used. With YOYO MultiDrops™ you simply swap the interchangeable bodies to match your job requirements.

It increases your vehicle utilisation and optimises your flexibility.


Load and drop-off the welfare unit


Load and deliver parcels in a box van


Deliver chilled goods in a refrigerated unit

Reduce Turnaround Times

With YOYO MultiDrops™, the vehicle need not be present during loading.

Bodies can be pre-loaded ready for collection and unloaded after de-mount, minimising job turnaround times.

Drive time per shift is also maximised.

Future Proof for Electric and Alternative Fuels

We know diesel will be phased out. We know ultra-low emission vehicles will be required.

We know electric and alternatively-fuelled vehicle chassis will be available for the 4.2T category, but we don’t know when.

YOYO MultiDrops™ technology enables vehicle bodies to be swapped not only between your current fleet of chassis, but onto new low-emission model chassis as they become available.

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