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13 April 2021
YOYO MultiDrops

All this can be yours for £950pm*

As shown below, Ford Transit L4, YOYO System, 4.2m drop side body with load frame & 4.2 box body with load frame. * Finance Subject to Terms and Conditions.

The YOYO MultiDrops Investment

Operator Savings

Cost of 3 new vehicles including bodies£60,750
Cost of I new vehicle, 3 bodies & YOYO system£48,250
Immediate Saving £12,500
Reduced annual overhead;
drivers, tax, insurance, servicing £35,110 (x3 years)
Total savings over three years£117,830

Ford Transit Option

Based on a new Ford Transit 350 Chassis with two different bodies (say a box van and a dropside) and the YOYO System with load frames – payments could be from as little as £950 + VAT per month.

You could pay for your equipment as it works for you with YOYO Contract Finance!

How Financing can Work for You

YOYO can arrange contract finance options tailored to suit your requirements over a 2 to 5 year period*.

Our trusted finance partner can offer a range of Financial Solutions and to find out more about this option please speak to your Yoyo contact or complete the enquiry form.

The example shown is based on Finance lease, however Hire Purchase is available if required.

The Main Funding Options

Finance Lease – You normally get tax relief on the rentals (if leased over its estimated useful life) and VAT is payable on all the rentals

Hire Purchase – You claim the capital allowances & get tax relief on the interest but VAT is payable at the start of the agreement

*Subject to status

This offer is for Limited Companies only

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can put you in touch with our finance partners.

Load any body onto any chassis

Fit a YOYO MultiDrops™ chassis frame to base van chassis

Fit a YOYO MultiDrops™ load frame to each of your required bodies

Your YOYO equipped body can now be loaded

If you want to chat to us about finance then please do so and we will put you in touch with our finance partner.

Click here to contact us.

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